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There are 28 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Necessary. A type of prayer. Eid prayers and Vitr prayer are Wajib prayers.

A department of Tahrik-i-Jadid.

Head of a Wakalat. Guardian for bride.

Wakil A‘la
Administration Head of Tahrik-i-Jadid.

Wakil San’at-o-Tijarat
Department to help members in industry and trade.

Wakil Ta‘mil-o-Tanfidh
Department responsible to supervise implementation of plans and programmes approved by the Khalifa and assigned to different departments of Tahrik-i-Jadid.

Wakil Waqfe Nau
Department to look after Waqfe Nau.

Wakilud Diwan
Department for record keeping.

Wakilul Isha’at
Department to publish translations of Holy Qur’an and other books.

Wakilul Mal I
Department of finance for Pakistan.

Wakilul Mal II
Department of finance outside Pakistan

Wakilul Mal III
Department of finance for all moveable and immovable property.

Wakilut Tabshir
Director of Foreign Missions for Tahrik-i-Jadid.

Wakilut Talim
Department attend to educational affairs outside Pakistan.

Wakilut Tasnif
Department for translation of Qur’ans, Books etc.

Wakiluz Zira’at
Department responsible for agriculture.

Reception given by the husband after the marriage has been solemnised. The last part of a marriage.

Dignity of work. Voluntary work to serve the community.

Waqeefat Nau
Waqfe Nau girls.


Waqfe Ardi/Arzi
A temporary dedication to serve Islam, at least 15 days. A person pays for his own expenses and teaches Qur’an etc.

Waqfe Jadid
An organisation that looks after the spiritual upbringing of members living in rural communities. It was for India but now has been expanded to include Africa and Russia.

Waqfe Nau
New Dedication. A scheme started by the 4th Khalifa (r.h.) in 1987 to encourage members to dedicate their children to the cause of Allah before birth.

Waqfe Zindagi/Waqfeen-e-Zindagi (pl)
Life dedication. A person who has devoted his life to the cause of Allah.

Children whose lives have been dedicated by their parents under the Waqfe Nau Scheme.

Will. A person who makes a will and pledges to pay from 1/3rd to 1/10th of their monthly income and either 1/3rd to 1/10th of their property is left to the Jama’at at the time of their death. They also have to life an exemplary life.

‘And peace be with you’. Response to greeting.

Ablution. Prescribed cleaning before performing prayers.