God – the Ultimate cause of all Creation

There are many things which have been created by God, some things we are aware of, and many things we are still unaware of. Things relating to the unseen, are unseen due to the fact that we are unable to understand about those things in this material world. Things like angels, the hereafter, jinn, ghosts, etc. we are taught only a little, the rest we will find out when the time is right. Likewise, Allah has only revealed some of His attributes to us, so that we can have some idea of who or what God is. But we must understand that we are limited in knowledge and Allah only reveals that much that we can understand. But Allah is the creator of all things, whilst He is uncreated. Again it is beyond our limited understanding to know how something came into being which was uncreated, as we can only understand about things which we have experienced. All those things have been created, therefore, we have some idea about them i.e. we can understand the properties of milk; therefore we can describe milk to someone who has no knowledge of milk. Through these properties, we can describe its taste, its colour, etc.; but we cannot understand things that we have no experience of in this world – hence they are ‘the unseen’.

The Holy Qur’an teaches that God is the ultimate cause of all creation; that is to say, that the whole of creation has proceeded from Him and reverts to Him. It says in Chapter 57, verse 4,: “He is the First and the Last”.

This means that everything in the universe owes its existence to God and that the extinction of everything is also brought about under divine laws. All creation and destruction are thus controlled by divine laws and this is proof of the fact that the system of the universe has been established by an Intelligent Being.

The Holy Qur’an relates in Chapter 6, verse 102-103:

The Originator of the heavens and the earth! How can He have a son when He has no consort, and when He has created everything and has knowledge of all things? Such is Allah, your Lord. 
There is no god but He, the Creator of all things, so worship Him. And He is Guardian over everything

These verses point out that as God is the source of all creation He has no need of a son. He needs no assistance, and being Eternal His name would endure forever. Therefore, there would be no need for a son to carry on His work! The Holy Qur’an then goes on to draw attention to the fact that not only has God created man, but that He also fosters and develops him from weakness and inferiority to strength and superiority. There is no god besides Him. He has created the whole universe for a purpose. He has created mankind for a purpose and provided mankind the means of progress in this world and the next. Man can escape ruin and destruction only by fostering his relationship with His Maker and can never find peace away from Him.

The Holy Qur’an teaches us that God created the earth for mankind, that mankind is the only life that has a soul, a means to develop itself. Mankind is the only creation on the earth with free will and thus becomes answerable for his actions in this life and the next. God has put into motion two kinds of laws for the purpose of reminding mankind of their duties and of helping them along the path of progress. The law of nature, which relates to mankind’s material progress and the law of Shari’at (God’s law) which regulates man’s spiritual progress. By conforming to this law, mankind can succeed in fulfilling the purpose for which he has been created and by contravening this law, will hinder his progress towards that objective.

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