Expectations of being an Ahmadi

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi has said:

So listen all you who consider yourselves to be of my community. When you truly tread the path of righteousness, only then will you be counted in heaven as my community. So perform your prayers five times a day inspired by such awe and awareness of the presence of Almighty God as if you were seeing Him with your own eyes. Also observe the days of fast sincerely for the sake of Allah, fulfilling their requirements. Each one of you who is assessable to Zaka’at, should pay Zaka’at. Similarly anyone upon whom Pilgrimage has become obligatory  and has no cause for exemption must perform the Pilgrimage. Do good deeds in the best of manners and reject evil with repugnance. Remember that no deed of yours which is devoid of righteousness will be ever entertained by God. An act of goodness is only that which is rooted in the fear of God. No act in which this root remains intact will be permitted to go to waste. It is inevitable that you should be tried with diverse trials of pain and misfortune as the faithful before you were tried. So remain always wary lest you should stumble. The earth can do you no harm as long as you have firm ties with heaven. If ever you come to grief, you will come to grief at your own hands rather than at the hands of your enemies. If you lose all honour on this earth, God will bestow an eternal honour upon you in heaven. So leave Him not. You are bound to suffer pain at their hands And you will be deprived of the fulfilment of many of your aspirations. But be not heavy-hearted; God merely tries you whether you are steadfast in His cause or not. If you desire that even angels should praise you in heaven then suffer in the path of Allah with grace and remain cheerful. Hear abuse and remain grateful and despite frustration break not your ties (with God). You are the last people raised by God so do such deeds of piety As touch the loftiest standards of excellence.
Roohani Khazain Vol. 19: Kashti Nuh, pg 17

O my friends, who have entered into a covenant with me, May God enable me and enable you to do such things as would please Him. Today, you are small in number and are being treated with contempt. You are passing through a great period of trial. According to His established scheme of things, it was decreed by God since time immemorial That efforts would be made from all directions that you should falter. You will be harassed in every way and you will have to bear with all manners of talk. Each one of those who will inflict misery upon you with his tongue Or with his hand will do it in the belief that he is doing it in the service of Islam. So also will you be tried in Heaven so that you are tried in every possible way. Hearken ye, therefore, that for you the road to victory does not lie in the direction of dry logic which you may employ or that you should return mockery for mockery or that you should return abuse for abuse. If you adopt such a course your hearts will become hardened and you will be left with nothing but mere words which God Almighty loathes and looks down upon with aversion. So do not behave in a manner whereby you should become the subject to two curses – the curse of men and the curse of God.
Roohani Khazain Vol. 3: Izala-e-Auham pg 546-547

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