Blessings of Khilafat

One of the greatest blessings for us is the prayers of the Khalifa. The Khalifa’s prayers are rewarded most by Allah. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II May Allah be pleased with him said:

When Allah raises someone to the status of Khilafat, He also blesses his prayers with assured acceptance. In fact, the supplications of the Khalifa are more powerful than the prayer of any other individual.
(Mansab-i-Khilafat, p.32)

With this great blessing of Khilafat, the believers have protection, stability, spiritual strength and progress of Islam.  It is very important to keep a strong link with Huzoor, write, visit, pray behind, listen carefully to his guidance and advice and say ‘Labak’ (at your service) to whatever he asks us to do. 

In his Khilafat Message, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, 5th Khalifa said:-

The objectives of the mission of Promised Messiah and of the establishment of the Community were to establish the relationship between God and man, to teach mankind to submit to one God, to strive for establishing Tauhid (Oneness of God) in the world, and, having united all the nations of the world into one Community, gather the whole mankind under the banner of the Holy Prophet  and to draw the attention of mankind to recognizing and respecting the mutual rights of man.

We are very pleased to have celebrated over 100 years of Khilafat. May Allah continue to keep the Blessings of Khilafat forever, Ameen.

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