Belief in the Books of Allah

Ahmadi Muslims believe that the Holy Qur’an is the last law-giving book from Allah. No more laws will now be revealed. It is complete and perfect. Sadly, some Muslims believe that some verses of the Holy Qur’an have been abrogated. They quote the verse: 

Whatever Sign We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than that or the like thereof.
Holy Qur’an, Chapter 2, verse 107

If we say that even one word has been abrogated then it promotes weakness and doubt in the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. What other verses have then been abrogated? How can we believe anything that it says?

Ahmadi Muslims do not accept this, we say that this verse does not relate to the Holy Qur’an but to the previous scriptures, that whatever was revealed before in the Holy Bible etc. we bring the Holy Qur’an as better than that or the like thereof. If we look at the previous and following verses they refer to the ‘People of the Book’ the Jews and their scriptures. The Holy Qur’an has in fact abrogated all previous Scriptures and is the message for all mankind for all time.

At the time of the Promised Messiah, may peace be upon him, the Muslim Ulema (leaders) were claiming that up to 500 verses in the Holy Qur’an had been abrogated. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, proved that not one of the verses had been abrogated and he explained the real meaning of the verses and what they mean for today. For instance, one of the main verses that they claim was abrogated was concerning alcohol. The Holy Qur’an states that

1) They ask thee concerning wine and the game of hazard. Say “In both there is great sin and some advantages for men; but their sin is greater than their advantage.” 
Holy Qur’an, Chapter 2, verse 220

2) Then they were commanded not to say their prayers if they were intoxicated
Holy Qur’an, Chapter 5, verse 92

3) So shun each one of them [wine and game of hazard] that you may prosper
Holy Qur’an, Chapter 5, verse 91

Muslims, therefore, are not permitted to consume alcoholic drinks.

Some Muslims said that the first verse was abrogated by the next and then that was abrogated by the command to shun intoxicating drinks altogether. But Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, said that none of these verses have been abrogated and they all apply still. There is some good in alcohol, but there is more harm. So we can use alcohol for medicine etc. but not for drinking to become intoxicated. Likewise we should always go to our prayers in our full senses, remove all tiredness etc. so that we can fully concentrate on our prayers. Finally we should not consume alcohol. Therefore all these verses are still resolute and none have been abrogated.

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