Khatamun Nabiyyeen – Is there a need for a Prophet to come?

Many Muslims will claim that there is no need for a Prophet to come as we still have the Holy Qur’an intact, as well as theSunnah (practises) and Hadith (sayings and teachings) of the Holy Prophet. They are protected by Allah, therefore there is now no need for anyone else to come!

Obviously, Allah and the Holy Prophet do not agree with this as the Holy Prophet has told us that Hazrat Isa will come. Hazrat Isa also told us that he will come. They can only say this if they have been guided by Allah to say so. Therefore, Allah knew that despite sending His perfect book and His perfect Prophet, Muslims would still be in need of guidance.

If we look around the Muslim world today, are we seeing the true Islamic teachings being practised, or are we seeing Muslims abusing the Qur’anic Laws to please themselves? Are the Islamic leaders not wrongfully quoting the Holy Qur’an to support their actions i.e. Jihad, blasphemy etc? Are not the Islamic teachings being misused, corrupted? What state do we find the Muslim world in – one of unity as Allah wants, or disunity? Are not Muslim constantly fighting other Muslims, calling each other Kafirs,abusing one another and harming one another? Is this the real Islamic teachings?

The Holy Prophet warned us about this time, and said:

A time will come when nothing will remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its script. Mosques will be full of worshippers, but as far as righteousness is concerned they will he empty and deserted. Their ‘ulama’ (religious scholars) will be the worst of creatures under the canopy of the Heaven. Evil plots will originate from them and to them will they return.
Mishkat Vol 1 Kitabul Ilm


What a (wretched) state you will be in when the son of Mary will descend among you while he will be your Imam (‘religious leader) from among you?
Bukhari Vol IV Book of Prophets

So to sum up:

  • The Holy Qur’an allows for a Prophet to still come
  • The Holy Prophet prophesied the coming of another Prophet – Jesus son of Mary (metaphorically)
  • The only way for Muslims to be guided back to the right path and become one again is if Allah sends another Prophet in Islam to be their guide.

Therefore the claim of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of being a Prophet is Islamic and true.

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