Khalifatul Masih IV – Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

  1. Birth: 18th December 1928
  2. Period of Khilafat: November 10th 1982 to April 19th 2003 – 21 years.
  3. Grandson of the Promised Messiah and another son of second Khalifa.
  4. Studied in Jamia Ahmadiyya and at School of Oriental Studies, London.
  5. July 28 1982, toured Europe and inaugurate the Basharat Mosque, Spain. 
  6. September 30th 1983, toured Australia and laid the foundation stone of the Mosque in Sydney.
  7. April 29th 1984, migration to England due to the Ordinance 20 in Pakistan.
  8. April 3rd 1987, announced the Waqfe Nau Scheme for parents to dedicate their children to the Jama’at.
  9. June 10th 1988, challenge to Mubahalah (prayer contest) to President Ziaul Haq of Pakistan.  The President Ziaul Haq died mysteriously in an air crash two months later.
  10. March 23rd 1989, Centenary Celebrations was celebrated around the world.
  11. December 1991, attended the 100th Jalsa Salana (Annual Conference) in India.
  12. August 21st 1992 MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya) was first broadcasted.  Became 24-hour worldwide on April 1st 1996.
  13. July 1993, first International Bai’at took place at Jalsa Salana UK.
  14. 1993, Huzoor established Humanity First Charity.
  15. October 19th 1999, foundation stone of Bait ul Futuh was laid.
  16. June 19th 2000, first Khalifa to visit Indonesia.
  17. February 21st, 2003 launched the Maryam Shaadi Fund to give financial help to poor families to enable them to marry their children.

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