Khalifatul Masih III – Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad

  1. Birth: 16th November 1909
  2. Period of Khilafat: November 9th 1965 to June 9th 1982 – nearly 17 years.
  3. Grandson of the Promised Messiah and son of second Khalifa.
  4. Became a Hafiz (memorised whole of the Holy Qur’an at 13 years old.
  5. December 21st 1965, established Fadl-e-Umar Foundation to promote activities which had been of special interest to the second Khalifa.
  6. March 12th 1966, announced the Waqfe Aarzi Scheme where Ahmadis give at least two weeks of their time to spend at a designated place, at their own expense, for teaching the Holy Qur’an and giving religious training.
  7. August 5th 1966, established Majlis Moosiyaan for those members who are Moosian.
  8. June 12th 1970, established Nusrat Jehan Scheme after visiting West Africa. Scheme was to organise volunteer teachers and doctors for the establishment of hospitals and schools in West Africa.
  9. December 28th 1973, announced Centenary Jubilee Scheme to mark 100 years of the Ahmadiyya Community on March 23rd 1989.
  10. October 9th 1980, laid foundation stone of Basharat Mosque, Spainand announced our motto ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’

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