Khalifatul Masih II – Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad

  1. Birth: 12th January 1889
  2. Period of Khilafat: March 14th 1914 to November 8th 1965 – 51 years.
  3. Promised Son (Musleh Maud) of Promised Messiah may peace be upon him.
  4. Only 25 years old when became the Khalifah.
  5. April 15 1922, the Majlis Shoora was established (advisory body to the Khalifa).
  6. September 23 1924, attended the Wembley Conference in England. Laid foundation stone for the Fadl Mosque, London.
  7. May 20th 1928, established Jamia Ahmadiyya (Missionary Training Institution).
  8. July 25, 1931, elected president of the All-India Kashmir Committee.  In June 1948 sent a battalion of Ahmadi volunteers called Furqaan Force to fight with Pakistan army for liberation of Kashmir.
  9. Wrote a large number of books including 10 volumes of the Tafseer-e-Kabeer (large commentary of the Holy Qur’an).
  10. November 23rd 1934, established Tahrik-e-Jadid (new scheme) to intensify the missionary work.  He established missions all over the world.
  11. Establish the Auxiliary Organisations – Lajna (1922), Khuddam(1938), Nasirat (1939), Ansarullah (1940) and Atfal (1940),
  12. September 1948, established a new centre (Rabwah) in the newly formed Pakistan and kept 313 Darveshaan behind in Qadian, India.
  13. December 28th 1957, established Waqf-e-Jadid to educate and train the rural population of India and Pakistan.

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