Soul after Death

It has been explained that the soul is connected to the body and the intentions behind every action affects the soul in a good or bad way. The more that we strive to win Allah’s pleasure, the brighter our soul becomes and stronger is its connection with Allah. The more we strive to do bad, evil acts, so the darker our soul becomes and the more distant it becomes from God. The soul is invisible to us, but you can see an inner glow with some people. Their awe and presence can affect people around them. Their character is exemplary and they possess kindness and love and they constantly talk about their Maker and the beauty of His creation. Whereas, sometimes we see people who have an evil look about them. Their fear and terror can affect people around them. Their character is poor and they concern themselves only with themselves. They don’t care for the people or things around them.

When a person dies, the soul leaves the physical body, which soon rots and decays, and the soul then becomes a new spiritual body representing the actions of this life which may be dark or bright to the spiritual eyes. The soul completely severs itself from the body and cannot return to the body. Thus the Holy Qur’an refutes the theory that life can be restored to the dead. There is no doubt that people sometimes are revived after they have been declared dead by doctors. Through medicine and electric shocks, they may revive the person after the heart has stopped. But this means that their death was wrongly diagnosed. The heart had stopped, but there was still a chance of reviving it. But after a passage of time, a person cannot be revived. Once the soul has completely departed from the body and severed its relationship with the body, then there is no way back. The soul may depart from the body, but if it hasn’t severed its relationship with the body, then a person can wake from sleep or even death after a short time period; but once Allah has decreed the death and the soul has severed its relationship totally with the body, then the person cannot be revived. The Holy Qur’an, Chapter 39, verse 43 states:


After the soul leaves the physical body, the soul itself becomes the new body. The body is different from the physical body that is created to respond to the physical requirements of this life. This new body will be a new kind of spiritual body and will be a reflection of the inner state that we were when we died. Thus if we had a healthy inner state and a close connection to Allah, then the new body will radiate light. But if our inner state was unhealthy, then the new body will be dark. The lighter the soul the more it will absorb the greatness of Allah, the darker the soul the more limited it will be. In the hereafter all the souls will be together, but will react to things according to their condition.

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