Belief in His Prophets

Whilst all Muslims believe in the Prophets of Allah, sadly they have and are rejecting the latest one, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him. But they also ascribe some weaknesses and sins to other Prophets. For instance, they will say that Hazrat Adam, may peace be upon him, committed a sin by eating the apple. Whereas the Holy Qur’an states:

And verily, We had made a covenant with Adam beforehand, but he forgot, and We found in him no determination to disobey.
Holy Qur’an, Chapter 20, verse 116

In Islam everything is according to intention not action. In this case, as Adam ‘forgot’ therefore he did not deliberately go against Allah and so he did not commit a sin. As the verse continues to state ‘We found in him no resolve to disobey Us’. Ahmadi Muslims do not accept that Adam sinned. Yes he slipped and was corrected by Allah for that slip, but he did not commit any sin. So Ahmadi Muslims believe that no Prophet of Allah can commit any sin.

Likewise we believe that all Prophets are men and are subjected to the laws of Allah like everyone else. We do not ascribe any supernatural powers to any of the Prophets. We believe that all Prophets have passed away physically, and this includes Jesus,may peace be upon him.

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