Chance or Planned Evolution

Some scientists believe that Man’s development was due to mutation as J. Monod said:

“The only possible source of evolution has been in the fortuitous accidents that have occurred in the structure of D.N. A. They are what are known as ‘mutation’.

This theory has been rejected by most scientists, one such scientist, Oparine, a modern Russian biologist who is a well known materialist, rejects outright the theory of chance in the formation of life, he said:

“The entire network of metabolic reactions is not only strictly co-ordinated, but also orientated towards the perpetual preservation and reproduction of the totality of conditions set by the external environment. This highly organised orientation characteristic of life cannot be the result of chance.”

He explained this by giving a relevant comparison to help the layman see the illogicality of theories pointing towards chance, he said:

“It is as if one jumbled together the printing blocks representing the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, in the hope that by chance they will fall into the pattern of a poem that we know. Only through knowledge and careful arrangement of the letters and words in a poem, however, can we produce the poem from the letters.”

We know that the chemical components which form the human body are present to a greater to lesser quality in the ground. The Holy Qur’an presents various stages of development man passed through, some examples are:

Holy Qur’an Chapter 6, Verse 3 relates:


It agrees that man passed through these stages, but instead of being a ‘fortuitous accident’ it shows it was a ‘planned evolution’. An example of this is where God explains in the Holy Qur’an that man passed through a stage of ‘Dry ringing clay’ which describes the exact process that the D. N. A. has to pass. The D. N. A. had to leave the water (soup) and be dried by the sun and then at exactly the right moment, be returned to the water. If it remained on land for a fraction of a second too long or too short a time, then, it would have continued this process indefinitely.

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