Suggested reading

Alhamdulillah the Jama’at has produced some excellent books and one should try to read as many of these as possible as you progress in your spiritual development. Many of these books have now been made available on PDF. Naturally, everyone is different and has different interests, therefore, you may feel that you prefer different books to read, or you may not be inclined to reading and prefer to watch videos or listen to tapes. Another way of gaining knowledge is by attending the various different meetings and discussion groups or just by asking questions. Our suggested reading is as follows:


  • Salat – Prayer book.

  • Pathway to Paradise – good guide book.

  • Book of Religious Knowledge.

  • Basics of Religious Knowledge – two books which give basic teachings.
  • Islamic Correspondence Course – A means to gain knowledge through correspondence.


Second Stage:

  • Stories of early Islam – collection of stories for the early history of Islam.
  • Gardens of the Righteous – very good Hadith (sayings) book.


Deeper reading:

  • Guideposts – ways to improve yourself.
  • Islam’s response to contemporary issues – book by the Fourth Khalifa on current issues.

There are various other books, audio tapes and video tapes available. Please ask if there is a particular subject that you want to know more about.

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