Do not merely follow your fathers

For most of our youth, you are an Ahmadi because your parents are Ahmadis, but is that really enough? Should you not question this?

The Holy Qur’an clearly states:

“And when it is said to them ‘follow that which Allah has sent down,’ they say, ‘Nay, we will follow that wherein we found our fathers. What! Even if their fathers had no sense at all and no guidance?”
Holy Qur’an, Chapter 2 verse 171

Some Muslims are converts and their parents are not Muslims, but Alhamdulillah, Allah has guided them to Islam. Should they have rejected Islam because their parents were Christians, Jews, etc?

Here is the answer – no, you are answerable for your own path and actions in this life. It is important that you investigate to affirm that you are on the right path. Your parents have chosen their path, but that was their choice. They have tried their best to help you follow that path, as they believed it was the best path for you. But there comes a point in your life when you must question and ensure that this is in fact the right path and that you are not being misled.

Alhamdulillah, Islam has all the answers and should be able to satisfy all of your questions. However unless you question, how will you become strong in your faith? It will be just lip-service, based on your parent’s decision, not yours. This could result in you being weak in your faith and so easily misled.

Don’t allow yourself to be misled, strive to find the truth. Question and seek and then you will find the true path. Understand the importance of being a Muslim, of following a religion, of submitting to Allah. This is what you owe yourself, after all, it will be you who will have to face the consequences of your actions. So study and look into the claim of the Promised Messiah, may peace be upon him, and that will give you the inner strength to be truly submissive to Allah and to be a true Muslim.

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