Khalifatul Masih I – Hazrat Maulana Nooruddin

  1. Birth: 1841
  2. Period of Khilafat: May 27th 1908 to March 13th 1914
  3. His lineage can be traced back to Hazrat Umar Bin Khattaab may Allah be pleased with him
  4. First person to take the Bai’at of the Promised Messiah
  5. May 30th 1908, Baitul Maal or Treasury was set up
  6. March 1st 1909, Founded Madrasa Ahmadiyya (school of religious knowledge)
  7. March 5th 1910, laid foundation stone of Noor Mosque, Qadian
  8. July 25th 1912, laid foundation stone of Taleemul Islam High School
  9. July 25th1913, the first foreign mission was established in England
  10. June 19th 1913, the newspaper Al-Fadl was published for the first time

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