Objections Raised – Introduction

In this section we will look at some of the objections and accusations raised against Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi and against his community, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association.

As we have already mentioned, whenever a Prophet comes from Allah, he is sent to deliver the message of Allah to the people. Usually the people that he is sent to are far away from God and are running after the pleasures of the world. It has been the history of the prophets that whenever they come, they are initially rejected by the people to whom they are sent. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, was no exception, and he and his followers were persecuted by other Muslims. Sadly that persecution is still continuing.

But you can’t just reject a Prophet outright; you have to somehow justify that rejection. Naturally all the Prophets were very pious servants of Allah that is why Allah chose them. So it is impossible to find any fault with their behaviour, as they are the excellent exemplars. Likewise all the Prophets’ messages are sublime, as they are preaching about Allah and His commandments, so you can’t find any fault with their message. The only way to justify their rejection is to implement a character assassination – accuse them of faults, even though they don’t have them. In this way all the Prophets were mocked at by their people. As the Holy Qur’an relates:

Alas for My servants! There comes not a Messenger to them but they mock at him. Holy Qur’an, Chapter 36, verse 31

The Holy Qur’an informs us that they accused the Holy Prophet of being a madman, poet, liar etc. “Nay, they say, ‘these are but confused dreams; nay, he has forged it himself, he is but a poet.’” (Chapter 21:6). “And they said, ‘O thou to whom this exhortation has been sent down, thou art surely a madman’” (Chapter 15:7)

Likewise they said similar things about David and Jesus, may peace be upon them both, “Those amongst the Children of Israel who disbelieved were cursed by the tongue of David, and of Jesus, son of Mary. That was because they disobeyed and used to transgress.” (Chapter 5:79)

In fact the Holy Bible contains many accusations made about the Prophets by the Jews and this is one of the purposes of the Holy Qur’an, to remove such accusations and show that all the Prophets were sinless and true servants of Allah.

To prevent the message of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, may peace be upon him, from reaching the Muslims, the Muslim Ulema (leaders) have accused him of being false and have laid many false accusations about him to try and prove that he is not the Promised Messiah & Mahdi. Sadly these days, many Muslims do not have a good knowledge of the teachings of Islam, but they do have an intense love for Allah and His Holy Prophet, so one of the main accusations has been made that the Promised Messiah dared to claim to be a Prophet! The Muslim Ulema say that no Prophet can now come, and say he has blasphemed and must be rejected. We have already covered this objection, but now we will try to answer some of the other accusations that have been made against him. We cannot cover them all, as new ones are being constantly made, but if you are informed of any that have not been covered then you can submit them to us in the FAQ and we will try to answer them for you, Insha’Allah.

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